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meet the makers

Jaime and Mia are the Mother-Daughter duo that home decor dreams are made of.
Get in touch to tap into their intuitive decorating knowledge!

behind the candle space

This is Jaime.
She has dedicated 20 odd years of her life to the art of homemaking. Make no mistake that this ‘humble’ reality isn’t the most magic of jobs.
Creating nourishing atmospheres.
Honing energy.
Nurturing relationships.
The wisdom of a homemaker is like no other.

Jaime has taken all her most powerful skills and created a shop to help you nurture your own home (or office) life.

She has an intimate knowledge of the power of scent in influencing our state of mind and body, which is why she is such an intuitive candlemaker. Her creations illuminate your room and settle your spirit.

Whether you need a buzz of cheerful energy, or a soothing scent that speaks of long lunches with your favourite people...Wildflower Lane is here to help.
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In the Flower Space...

Nestled amongst the Flower Space is Mia.

Mia is our resident whimsical florist. Her dried flower creations hold all the beauty of the natural world, with none of the pressure to keep them alive! (Can we get a collective sigh of relief!?!)

Mia takes the natural beauty of Flora, and designs enchanting bouquets to elevate any home. Keep an eye out for some fresh flower designs arriving in the near future also!

An ocean, design and family lover, Mia is drawn to the peaceful and harmonious. It’s this energy that she works from to create and dream here at Wildflower Lane.
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